Safety & Security

Prioritizing Your Safety

Your safety and security are our top priority. We work in conjunction with local authorities to provide an unparalleled experience. Security measures are under constant review to ensure they remain effective. Please be aware that all patrons will be subject to a bag search and/or a magnetic scan. Please allow additional time for this process. We aim to keep any lines moving as quickly as possible.


Bag Policy and Prohibited Items

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: cameras with external flash or interchangeable lenses, audio/video recording devices, tripods/monopods, laser pointers, illegal substances, weapons, noise making devices, fireworks, flashlights, optical illusions, signs/flags/banners, outside food and beverages, beach balls or projectiles, skateboards/scooters/rollerblades, cans or bottles, pets (service animals are welcome), laptops/tablets, selfie sticks, balloons and drones.
There is no clear bag policy at this time. Backpacks of all varieties are strictly prohibited. Oversized bags will not be admitted.


Please note:

The security process is a condition of entry. Any refusal or the use of abusive, threatening or discriminatory remarks will result in access being refused.


Exceptions will be made for those with disabilities, medical requirements and/or special needs. Guests with specific needs due to disabilities, medical conditions or special needs should contact us by calling (504) 525-1052 or by emailing [email protected] prior to attending the event to arrange for reasonable accommodations.

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