Food & Drink

Bars & Kiosks

We have food kiosks and bars situated throughout the theatre including, the arcade, orchestra level and balcony level to make your experience as convenient as possible. With a variety of offerings from cocktails to snacks, there’s something for everyone.


In-Seat Ordering

Don’t want to leave your seat? Have your refreshments brought to you! Our new in-seat ordering program makes getting your favorite treats as easy as scanning a QR code, selecting your items, paying on your phone and having your items delivered to you. Please note this service is only available at select times during the performance as to not disrupt other patrons.



Snack Time?

Our bars and kiosks boast a variety of snacks and treats. From chips and classic candy to sandwiches, fruit trays and gourmet chocolates, we have got something for everyone. Visit our coffee bar on the balcony level for a special selection of sweets and desserts.



Spectacular Sips

Our full-service bars are conveniently located throughout the theatre. With 23 points of sale, we can help quench your thirst without missing a moment. Whether you’d like to try our Signature Saenger Fleur or need a caffeinated pick-me-up, we’ve got a drink for you. We are happy to provide a curated selection of sodas, water, wine, beer, cocktails and more.


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