Ambassador Theatre

Mahalia Jackson Theater

1419 Basin Street
New Orleans, LA, 70116
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Majestic Theatre

224 E. Houston Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
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Charline McCombs
Empire Theatre

226 N. St. Mary's Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
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Kings Theatre

1027 Flatbrush
Brooklyn, New York, 11226
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Introducing In-Seat Service!

Tired of waiting in line? Order your beverages and snacks and get them delivered directly to your seat before the show or during intermission! Simply scan the QR code in front of you, select your items, pay via phone, and get treats brought to you. Please note that only a limited menu is available. Service is available pre-show until 5 minutes before curtain. Service resumes 10 minutes before intermission and stops 5 minutes before the start of the second act.


Copa Di Vino Cabernet Sauvignon - $12

Copa Di Vino Chardonnay - $12

Copa Di Vino Pinot Grigio - $12

Copa Di Vino White Zinfandel - $12



Stella Artois 16oz Can - $10

Miller Lite 12oz Can - $9


Mixed Drinks + Seltzers

Moscow Mule - $14

Paloma - $14

Smoky Margarita - $14

White Claw 12oz Can - $10


Sodas + Water

20 oz soda (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite) - $6

Dasani Still Water - $5



Milk Chocolate Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels - $7

Gummy Bears - $6

Party Mix - $6

M&M’s Chocolate - $4

Raisinets - $4

Skittles - $4

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