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Tickets: now on sale $25-$50+

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Christainee Porter, also known as Ms. Shirleen of The Christi Show, is an actress, writer, singer, and comedian from Little Rock, Arkansas. Born into a family of entertainers, it was no surprise that she was blessed with the ability to entertain others. By the age of eight, she was writing, singing, and performing in front of anyone who was willing to listen. She was recently featured in Tyler Perry’s movie, Madea Family Funeral and has been seen on FOX, BET and TvONE.   Ms. Shirleen is the headlining comedian of the Super Saturday Comedy Explosion.

To see a full list of her comedic characters, be sure to visit

Mal Mallucci is originally from New Orleans, but currently resides in Houston, Texas.  Mal has performed with Eddie Griffin and Guy Torry and was the 2017 Streets Houston Comedian of the year.  Mal will be entertaining the crowd with standup comedy.

Paco also known as Trinese Duplessis, is an actress, writer and director from New Orleans, Louisiana.  Paco is one of Trinese’s many characters and he will be entertaining the crowd with standup comedy.  Trinese has directed multiple plays in the New Orleans area and can be heard on the Trinese Duplessis Show on Cox 76 every Sunday.

Gina Brown is a well-known musical talent around the New Orleans metropolitan area.  Gina Brown entertains any crowd she stands before and will keep the intermission jamming for the Super Saturday Comedy Explosion.

DJ Jubilee has been in the music industry for over 25 years as a DJ and entertainer.  He has most recently collaborated with Beyonce on her hit single “Before I Let Go”.  DJ Jubilee will be playing upbeat music throughout the entire show.

Dana is originally from New Orleans, but currently resides in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Anyone that knows Dana knows her for being an outright clown that doesn’t mind doing anything to make people laugh.  There will not be any room to breathe in-between acts with Dana as the host because she could hold her own as a comedian also.

  • Sat. January 11, 2020 : 6 PM

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