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1027 Flatbrush
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Theatre Etiquette

Please take note of these suggestions to enhance your experience
at Saenger Theatre

Theatre Etiquette

  • Arrive Early

    If you are late, you may be held out or reseated until an appropriate time for you to get to your assigned seat. People who arrive late disturb the performers on stage and audience members. It is best to arrive about 30 minutes early so that you have time to purchase concessions, take care of personal needs (drinks of water or restroom), find your seat and read the program before the show starts.
  • Leaving Early

    Leaving while the show is in progress or before the actors have taken their final bows is discourteous and disruptive. Please wait until the performance is over and exit with the audience.
  • Seating

    Please sit in the seat you are assigned so you do not cause confusion for other audience members.
  • Attire

    There is no specific dress code for attending shows at the Saenger Theatre. Guests should wear what is appropriate for the show they are attending. We usually suggest business casual attire.
  • Electronic Devices

    Please silence or turn off all electronic devices, including cell phones, beepers, and watch alarms. We encourage you to share your experience at the Saenger Theatre via social media, but please refrain from doing so or texting during performances; the glow from your device is distracting.
  • Refreshments

    A full-service bar is offered at all performances. Beverages include wine, beer, soft drinks, mixed drinks, champagne, margaritas, coffee, juice and water. Candy is also available. Outside food and beverage are not permitted in the theatre.
  • Photography/Recording

    Please no photography or recording of events.
  • Courtesies

    Please remain respectful and courteous to all other guests. Please refrain from talking, do not wear an overabundance or cologne/perfume, do not lean heads together as it might block the views of others, and please remove all hats.
  • Children

    Children under the age of six are encouraged to attend only special children’s theatre events. Everyone entering the theatre must have a ticket regardless of age. For the comfort and enjoyment of all guests, children who are disruptive to other guests will be asked to leave the seating area. Infants will not be allowed to attend Broadway performances. Parents should use their discretion when deciding what shows are appropriate for children. For more information on recommended minimum age for a specific show, please visit the show page on
  • Need Assistance?

    If you need assistance during the show, please go to your nearest usher. If additional assistance is needed the usher will get the appropriate person to further help you.
  • What Hotels, Restaurants and Bars are near the theatres?

We are all here to enjoy the show so let's do our best to make each show enjoyable for all!

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